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    great products

    I own several products by this company and they all work super great! This does too, and I feel bad taking one star off, which is for the fit. I ordered this in the size small, and it feels too loose with gaps that look a bit too big. Looking at the pictures of it here, it looks like there maybe should not be so much space between the body and the brace as I am experiencing. I did order the smallest size, which is small, and maybe I am a bit smaller than the average, middle aged woman. My measurement around the arm fits bang on (no problem with the fit around my bicep), but my measurement right around my body, just under my bust, is only 27 1/2. This might be a bit too small for the correct fit in the small size? Hope that will help some of you decide on fit if you are more petite like I am. It is too loose to chafe or anything as others have mentioned here (the side strap is actually floppy and does not sit against my body at all, and yes, I have it on correctly, maybe that is okay to be floppy?), but it does not have a "comfortable" fit simply on account of how loose it feels around my shoulder and chest area. But, it does seem to be helping, so I will have to get used to how loose it feels. I have been wearing it only about 15 minutes and my sore shoulder feels better already. I have a sore shoulder from a bit of an exercise injury with dumbbells. But, like the other products,I have no doubt that it will indeed take care of this for me, so I can get back to my fitness routines!

    Jacqueline R.

    Shoulder Brace

    Bought this for my husband. He finds it is helping his shoulder problem, but the strap that goes around under his other arm is not very comfortable in the long run.

    Glen Chiasson
    Mississauga, Canada


    Shoulder Brace


    shoulder brace

    it fits good only problem is that it rubs under arm, but it is helping pain in my shoulder thank you


    knee sleeve and shoulder brace

    I ordered the knee sleeve a few months back it works great, I have osteoarthritis in my knee it helps with the pain in my knee. i don't wear it all the time sometimes at night for a couple hours ,or during day at work. it is the worth the price you charge. i also ordered the shoulder sleeve,ordered to big waiting for smaller size cant wait to see how that works for my sore shoulder.

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