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    Basketball is a sport that requires a tremendous amount of muscular endurance, stamina and strength because of the running, shooting and jumping that is involved in playing the game.  Several muscle groups are engaged when playing, but the calves, gluteus maximus, thighs, upper body and core bear the brunt of the load.  The activity level of players tends to be moderate-to-long durations of exercise including repeated bouts of explosive activities when sprinting, jumping and cutting.

    Recovery after any basketball practice or game is crucial to the long term success of players at any level.  When exercising, muscles endure substantial stress, which causes micro-tears in muscle fibers.  Incrediwear anti-inflammatory recovery wear products increase blood flow to optimize the body’s natural healing process, resulting in an acceleration of recovery.

    Our products help competitive athletes and active people everywhere lead the life they want, stretch beyond their limits, and live incredibly in everything they do.of whom push their bodies day after day without allowing their body to fully recover, and increase the risk of injury. Participants are finding that current recovery methods are outdated as they become more educated on the science of recovery. For this reason, Incrediwear Braces and Sleeves have scientifically shown powerful results in alleviating postoperative symptoms, improving outcomes, and enhancing the quality of a patient’s journey to recovery.

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