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    Military Kit

    Military Kit


    Incrediwear Technology has circulation enhancing elements, semi-conductors Germanium and Carbon, embedded into the fabric that, while wearing up to 24 hours a day, creating a dramatic reduction in lymphatic swelling, as well as an increase in blood flow, which:
    1. Allows more oxygen and nutrients into the target area at a faster rate, accelerating your body’s natural healing process...Reduces inflammation, swelling and pain.
    2. Improves temperature regulation of the cells, keeping the muscles warmed up when inactive and cooler while active. Keeping the temperature in an optimal range (of 37 degrees C) reduces the risk of injury, while keeping you more comfortable.

    The fabric is reusable, requiring fewer washes than traditional fabrics, anti-microbial, flame retardant, eco-friendly and scientifically proven to improve performance and recovery, during active duty as well as at rest.

    Bandage Wrap

    The Bandage Wrap reduces inflammation & swelling, relieves pain, and accelerates recovery for those suffering from acute or chronic injuries. Our Bandage Wrap is a must-have for any first aid kit and can be used for a wide variety of injuries. It has a Velcro attachment for a reliable hold.

    Body Sleeve

    The Body Sleeve manages discomfort, accelerates recovery, and reduces inflammation and swelling for those suffering from pain in their core or back. The Body Sleeve is flexible, breathable, and can be pulled up or down to the desired location. Wear under or over the clothes during daily activities and while sleeping at night, to maximize the body’s healing state at rest.

    Calf Sleeves

    The Calf Sleeves provide ergonomic support while standing long periods of time, sitting or in action to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness and enhance performance. They have also been shown to help with shin splints and calf cramps and are preferred by professional athletes for running.

    Leg Sleeves

    The Leg Sleeves relieve pain, swelling, fatigue and soreness from overuse, injuries, muscles strains and tears, cramps and other circulation related conditions. They are recommended to wear for injury prevention, during activity to enhance performance, as well as at rest for accelerated recovery.

    Ankle Sleeves

    For those looking to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and restore mobility in their ankle or foot, the Ankle Sleeve provides targeted support to reduce inflammation and accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

    Performance Pants

    The Men’s Performance Pants are also a base layer that can be worn before, during and after activity to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness and enhance performance, as well as enhancing the body’s temperature regulation. It’s recommended to wear at rest for overnight recovery.

    Trek Socks

    The Trek Socks relieve aches and fatigue from spending long hours on your feet. Their comfortable design provides a cushioned feel while retaining breathability to ensure all-day comfort. Anti-microbial and thermo-regulating, these socks will keep your feet cooler, dryer and can be worn several times before washing.

    Arm Sleeve

    For those looking to relieve pain and prevent injury of arm/elbow related conditions or injuries, the Arm Sleeve provides targeted support to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance performance.

    Knee Sleeve

    The Knee Sleeve accelerates recovery and relieves pain for those suffering from acute or chronic joint injuries and conditions. The Knee Sleeve can be worn during and after activity to provide pain relief and post-activity recovery.



    NBA Referees: Injuries were reduced from 24 per year to only 1 injury per year with zero time lost.

    FC Cologne: Players wore products for recovery only which resulted in 67% fewer injuries.

    Conducted study with CMO USA Olympic orthopedist on 98 elite runners:

    Showed it help in preventing shin splints and improving DOMS recovery by an average of 25%.


    MLS study:  Reduced time lost due to injury from 24.5 days to 12.5 days.


    Trial on runners/cyclists:  Reduced energy output performing the same activity.


    Peer reviewed Osteoarthrosis Study: Results showed an average of 63% reduction in pain and 100% of participants experienced some level of relief.

    DOMS study – triathletes: An average of 25% less soreness, looseness, suppleness and tenderness.

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