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    Canada Canada

    Preop TKR

    I’m a 67 year old male, ride and build motorcycles but have had osteoarthritis for years! My wife found these for me on line and ordered a pair to help my mobility while waiting for my Total Knee Replacement Surgery which was still 4 months off and to help me out during a 3 week trip to Italy! Wow, I made it through Italy with all of the walking on uneven surfaces, stairs(so many stairs), such an amazing difference they made! I found the most significant thing was that they stabilized my patella which I was always tweaking which in turn helped reduce my inflammation from the bone on bone condition I was dealing with! I followed the sizing procedure and found my perfect size with no issues of them slipping or moving around! Also, at first I wore them 24 hours a day for the first 3-4 days and had no problems sleeping with them! I did this for the first couple of days until I noticed my inflammation was starting to diminish and pain became easier to regulate with just Tylenol! I just throw them in the washing machine with a load of tshirts and also into the dryer every 4-5 days depending on weather! Four and a half months later and my left knee has had a total replacement and I have been wearing the support on my right knee which is taking the brunt of my weight bearing as my left knee recovers! So glad I bought these incrediwear knee supports !

    Jane H.
    Canada Canada

    Incrediwear lives up to its name!

    I would give Incrediwear 10 stars if I could! I am a very active 63 year old woman. I went to the pharmacy to purchase a knee brace to help alleviate my knee pain until I could get to the physiotherapist. I came home instead with the Incrediwear Knee Sleeve. I wore it 24 hours and, as I was already noticing improvement, I went back to the pharmacy and purchased a 2nd Knee Sleeve for my other knee and a pair of fingerless gloves for my sore wrists. I wore the knee sleeves 24/7 for about 4 days and then every night for a week. Now I wear the knee sleeves 2 times a week at night. I wear the fingerless gloves at night. My knee and wrist pain is virtually gone. Since then, I have purchased a back sleeve, crew socks and an elbow sleeve for me and the stable wraps and hoof socks for my horses. I joke with my friends that I want the full body suit. I love this product! Thank you!!!

    Jane F.
    Canada Canada


    These knee sleeves are a big improvement over the neoprene type I have used in the past; providing warmth ( without moisture), comfort and pain relief. Along with excellent yoga instruction, using the sleeves finds my knees almost fully restored.......pain free in full flexion, walking for 2 hours on uneven terrain without pain during or following. Wonderful. Once past the initial slight stretching required ( 2 wearings), these knee sleeves have been used regularly and fit perfectly. Incredibrace service was polite, attentive, effective. Delivery was accurate, prompt. Thanks for this product. jff

    Larry S.
    Canada Canada

    Knee brace.

    I have used them for years, This is the 3rd or 4th set that I've had as I rotate them and usually get about 3 years out of them before the elastic wears out, seems to have been a name change as my other ones said Incredibrace on them, otherwise seem to be same product or an otherwise expensive knock off.

    Irena V.
    Canada Canada

    Company did not have my size.

    Company did not have my size.

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