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    Angie Mailhot has a BA in Human Movement with a Specialization in Health Promotion, an Exchange Life Wellness Councellor/Coach, Corporate Wellness Coach, Youth Athletics Coach and Owner of Triunity Fitness and Wellness Studio.

    She is a certified Personal Trainer with 20 years of experience that specializes in posture correction, spinal stabilization and restoration of functional mobility, strength and power. She is a life long athlete and loves competition. With a family of 6 she recognizes the value of time, busy lifestyles and practices fitness techniques with her family that can be done anywhere, anytime, with very little cost and that are fun and challenging no matter what your age.

    Demonstrating portable, affordable and versatile fitness options that work with any lifestyle and individual is her daily practice. She encourages realistic/practical lifestyle techniques in all areas of holistic health; physical, emotional and spiritual. That result in “exchanged” lives or individuals who are living a new healthy, peaceful, joyful, life that is balance and full. She is committed and passionate about assisting health care professionals, employers, educators, sports organizations, athletes and individuals from all walks of life in attaining higher levels of fitness and improving daily mobility and function.

    Her desires to lead, educate and encourage every individual by approaching their training in a holistic way, recognizing their personal needs and the importance of developing a balanced lifestyle.