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    Brennan M.
    Stockholm, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Comfy socks to wear

    Socks are comfy to wear. I just got them a couple days ago so haven’t wore long enough to know if they make a difference for my feet yet.

    Brian S.
    Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

    Worth their weight in gold.

    I was given a pair of incredisocks a couple of years ago (by my wife, a physician), and it wasn't long before I got the Fingerless Circulation Gloves, and more socks. I've been waiting for my other socks to wear out so I could replace them with incredisocks. Now I wear these exclusively. Unlike other 'circulation/compression' attire that has that 'medical' look, these I wear with shorts. There are sports, dress, and regular socks and they are all awesome! I have various circulation issues, pitting edema, Lyme disease, arthritis and many joint injuries from extreme sports, and I can pretty much say I can't have a comfy day without either my incredisocks or (esp. in winter) my incredigloves. I saw other comments that I will address as well: Yes, they are more expensive than cheap-type compression socks, but they are also less expensive than high performance compression socks (I have both cheap ~$10, and expensive ~$50+), so the price point is a bit high, but fair, IMO. They don't work like compression socks, and that is great because I can wear these for 20+ hours (I do long days) in complete comfort, while my compression socks are maybe good for a few hours before I have to take them off. We also fly quite a bit, and my compression socks became excruciating on flights, but if I didn't wear them I would balloon like crazy. With the incredisocks, on even 15+ hour flights, my pitting edema is controlled and I am comfortable. I also have adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) so my next purchase will likely be the shoulder brace, and then maybe I'll try the knee sleeve. I have recommended incrediwear to my massage therapist, chiropractor and physiotherapist as well, as they have all liked what they've seen the socks and gloves do for me. I highly recommend these products. I do have one request for the incrediwear people: Please don't ever 'new and improve' the materials or anything. If you do, keep the existing stuff as well! Thanks!

    Edith E.
    Sundre, Alberta, Canada


    Hi. I would like more time before reviewing the product. I purchased the knee support for my husband who has had a long standing problem with arthritis in his knee. He says it feels better but would like more time to give a definitive answer. I purchased the socks for myself because I am diabetic and will give it some time to see if my circulation improves with wearing the socks. Thanks

    Jane C.
    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

    Valentines gift

    Have worn the socks before loves them he had neuropathy in his feet so finds the socks a huge help

    Josephine O.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Not so great

    The socks arrived -- a very small package in a very large box that I had to get from the post office. If this was packaged correctly, it could have gone through my mail box. The socks themselves are very over-priced. They fit well. The upper part of the socks are very loose so how will this help on a 12 hour plane ride? I'm going to wear them on a 12 hour plane ride and hope that my ankle and legs do not swell. I got another pair of compression socks from The Bay for less then 1/2 the price. I do not recommend this product.

    Incrediwear Canada

    Josephine, I received your review via email and apologize that you were unhappy with the box size and the socks. However, the incrediwear technology does not work through compression. Once you put the socks on your body heat activate the semi conductor elements carbon and germanium which penetrate your celluar walls causing them to vibrate. This change in energy causes and increase in ot only blood speed which is whate compresssion socks do, but also blood flow. The resulting increase in blood flow and speed helps to reduce pain caused by swelling and inflammation. Compression socks squeeze your leg cuasing an increase in blood speed, but a not significant increase in blood flow which is a major reason why the incrediwear circulation socks are so effective. For example, if I take a flexible hose that is filled halway with water and squeeze it with both hands, the water will displace quickly and travel faster down the hose. However, the actual volume of water passing through is exactly the same. Using the same example with Incrediwear, not only will the water pass quickly through the tube, but the actual volume of water will increase as well. Hopefully, this email has helped clarify why the socks are loose fitting as opposed to being compressive. I am sure that after wearing them on the flight you will be pleased with how they worked for you. Thank you and have a PAIN FREE DAY. The incrediwearcanada.com suppot team.

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