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    Hockey is a sport that requires speed, quickness, agility and balance.  In addition, the physically demanding aspects of the game like body checking and battling for the puck require hockey players to have great strength and stamina as well.  The sudden stops, starts and battles along the boards use a multitude of muscles, but particularly the ones in your core and lower body.  With such a physical toll on the body, RECOVERY is extremely important, not only for maximizing performance, but more importantly, INJURY PREVENTION.  Below are some product suggestions for Hockey Players of all levels and ages to keep you IN THE GAME.  


    • Wear Performance Pants as base wear (Men's, Womens, Capris) or Circulation Shorts
    • Knee Sleeves can be worn underneath the Performance Pants to provide additional support for aching knees or to prevent soreness and fatigue.
    • Arm Sleeves are a great option to help combat forearm fatigue or stiffness from shooting, stick-handling and puck battles
    • Sport Socks are perfect for hockey as they have a seamless toe to help avoid blistering or toe discomfort in your skate, plus they have a fitted Heel Cup to decrease foot fatigue and pain from plantar fasciitis.
    • The Body Sleeve is an ideal item to wear during games as it will help reduced fatigue in your core and back, two muscle groups that are incredibly important to hockey players with all the quick changes in momentum. 

    Although many of the products above can be worn post game as well, the NUMBER ONE product we recommend is the Leg Sleeves.  Leg sleeves can be worn immediately AFTER ACTIVITY, AT HOME and WHILE ASLEEP to help flush out lactic acid and deliver nutrients needed for muscle repair.  Recovered muscles will allow you to train harder, perform better and reduce the likelihood of injury. Wearing an Ankle sleeve or any Incrediwear sock will enhance blood flow through the leg aiding in recovery and reducing pain and inflammation.

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